Monthly Archives: January 2016

Writing, writing, writing.

Where does the time go?

My intentions to update this blog are always good, but when I sit at the computer it seems a hundred other things need my attention.  Among those things is my book review blog, which is updated three or four times a week (see that blog here).

I am currently at work as Script Editor for a documentary film “Attempting the Northwest Passage.”  This is a re-edit of a film that was first shown a year ago.  This new film (with new footage and interviews) will be premiering at the Frozen River Film Festival in February.

(Director Taff Roberts filming “Attempting the Northwest Passage.”)


I did some writing during NaNoWriMo and finished a first draft of one novella and got half way through a second novella.  Once work on the film is done, I look forward to getting back to the novellas.

And then there’s the book to that musical I’ve been telling people about …