A good day to submit.



I made five submissions yesterday and I made some significant progress on a new project, and it feels good.  It always feels good, and it made me think back to all those days when I procrastinate and don’t make significant progress with my writing, or I don’t submit a work.  Why would I ever not want to feel good?

In regards to submissions, I may not always have an appropriate work on hand that suits a submission opportunity, but for that very reason it is important for me to always be checking for the latest submission opportunities.

There are a wide variety of ways to check submission ops – Dramatists Guild, The Playwright’s Center, Facebook playwriting groups, and a variety of websites devoted to listing submission opportunities.  And believe me, I access them all.

But one of the things I’ve found is that there is often not much cross-over between these different resources, meaning I often have to spend as much time researching the opportunities as I do actually writing.

Until now.

I’ve been suspicious, I’ll admit, of having to spend money for submission lists.  I already pay for my Dramatist Guild membership, and I pay for my Playwright’s Center membership…why should I spend another dollar for any other list?

But I came across Play Submission Helper and realized that here was a list that was much more complete, and well-compiled, than most lists I come across.  Such effort is worth paying for.  As I say…I made five submissions yesterday, and four of them came from Play Submission Helper.  If I can keep this up something is bound to pay off and that will pay for the fee for this service.

And when I don’t have to spend as much time searching for a submission opportunity, I can spend more time writing and having works ready for a wider variety of opportunities.  It’s a win/win, and that makes every day a good day to submit.


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