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Valhalla to Ragnarok

I was recently contracted to write the script for a unique theatrical presentation called “Drops and Drama” for Theatre du Mississippi of Winona, Minnesota.

The City of Winona owns a fantastic collection of 100 year old, hand-painted drops that had been commissioned and owned by the local Masonic Lodge for many years.  These drops, ninety-seven of them, have only recently been shown to the general public, thanks to the work of Theatre du Mississippi.

Each summer, in conjunction with the Great River Shakespeare Fesitval, TdM presents a short program (25-30 minutes) which features a number of the drops — usually about five scenes worth.  This summer it was my turn to write that presentation.

Having just researched some Norse mythology for another project, and being in the land of many Norwegians and Swedes, I created Drops & Drama 2010 – Valhalla to Ragnarok: The Myths & Lands of the Nordic Gods.

While the show is really all about the drops, I received many unsolicited, positive comments about the presentation and the information I included.  It was definitely a challenge to find a way to weave a brief story around a series of drops.  …AND to do so for drops that were not created for this particular story!

If I can figure out how to edit the video and post some of it, I will.  In the meantime, a photo of one series of drops I chose for the program will have to do.

dungeon theatrical drops