10-Minute Plays

Ten Minute Plays have become a fashionable way for theatres to introduce many playwrights and plays to an audience.  For the playwright, it is an opportunity to be read by more theatres and a challenge to tell a story in such a short time.

A ten minute play is just what it sounds like … an entire play, performed in ten minutes or less.  There are variations on this.  Some theatres accept fifteen minute plays, some want something even briefer.  Generally, anything more than fifteen minutes would fall under the category of “one act play.”

In almost every case, a theatre is also looking for small cast size.  Two to five actors is generally perferred.

Below are links to some of my ten minute plays.  These are all available to be performed for no royalty fees for any educational or non-for-profit theatres.  All others should please inquire.

>> List of plays and links soon to be posted <<